Hexendoktor: Anpassung Season 9

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Es ist soweit, der Hexendoktor Nerf kommt auf dem PTR-Server. Generft wird das neue Legendary Der Barbier aus Patch 2.4.3

Those of you who have been testing The Barber have seen this item jump from flat out not-functioning to most certainly over-performing. We suspect that the damage on this item is a tad high (particularly when using the Phantasm rune), so we're removing the damage bonus granted by the final explosion. There were also some pretty funky interactions occurring with Phantasm that caused some scaling issues, and we'll be correcting those. TLDR: Witch Doctors looking for massive AoE explosions from Spirit Barrage should still see effective results, but they won't be quite so over the top.

Quelle: Blizzard

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Hexendoktor: Anpassung Season 9
Geschrieben von Gast am07.12.2016 um 21:20
Drücke die Daumen für die Barber-Skillung :-)