Öffentliche Chaträume doch im Spiel

Geschrieben von Telias am 09.02.2012 um 11:39
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Vor kurzem hat uns der Community Manager Bashiok noch bestätigt dass es keine offenen Chat-Chanels in Diablo 3 geben wird. Das Ganze hat er auch begründet. Doch nun stellte sich heraus dass es sich um eine Fehlinformation gehandelt hat. Öffentliche Chaträume sind bereits in der internen Diablo 3 Version im Spiel integriert und werden mit einem der nächsten Patches in der Closed-Beta Version hinzugefügt.

Soooooo... hey everyone. How's it going? Good? Weather ok? Great... so, right... You know how sometimes you say something that's stupid and wrong and then people very reasonably get upset and create a lot of threads and discussions and demands with some pretty reasonable reasons for the thing you said wouldn't happen but then it turns out that you're stupid and wrong and the things you said are completely the opposite of what's actually true?

Yeah. So that happened. Public chat channels will be in Diablo III, barring any catastrophe that requires we remove them, because they're already implemented. In fact they'll be in an upcoming beta patch so you'll get to see and play around with them yourselves.

I'm not sure I can offer any explanation as to the incorrectness of my statements, except that I believed them to be correct when I made them. I apologize, and I'll strive to not be stupid and wrong in the future.

More info on the chat feature, and others, to come in the weeks ahead. Thanks for sticking with it, and me.

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