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Clans und Communitys wurden erst vor kurzem in Diablo 3 eingeführt. Diese Features sollen in zukünftigen Patches noch um einige Tools erweitert werden. Aus diesem Grund sammelt Blizzard nun in den offiziellen Foren Feedback aus der Community.

Ins Gespräch ist dieses Thema gekommen als sich ein Spieler über die obszöne Wortwahl in den Chats beschwert hat. Dagegen kann man sich allerdings selbst durch den Schimpfwortfilter selbst schützen. Dieser wird über Optionen -> Chat aktiviert.

You have your right asking them to not drop f bombs, and they have the right to leave and find a guild that doesnt mind them dropping f bombs

That's pretty much the long and short of it. We have included a Profanity Filter, as many others have referenced, if that's something that you personally don't wish to see. However, it's also your Clan chat - you're welcome to set and enforce your rules how you see fit, just as players are welcome to join or leave a clan as they please.

Clan and Community management tools are a bit limited at the time, but for those of you heading your own groups - are there tools that you'd like to see us implement? We'd like to expand on such features down the road in a future patch, and it's always a good plan to be having these discussions in advance. :)

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