Patch 2.1: Aktuelles zum Betatest

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Drei kurze Nachrichten gibt es zum aktuellen Diablo III Betatest von Patch 2.1.

  • Saisonen sind derzeit noch deaktiviert, werden aber bald zum Testen freigeschaltet, gleichzeitig mit einem Update der Patchnotes zu Patch 2.1.
  • Wegen eines Fehlers wurden die Ranglisten (Leaderboards) zurückgesetzt. Es war möglich gewesen große Nephalemportale auch unter Stufe 70 zu eröffnen.
  • Die Sperrzeit für eine Charakterkopie wurde von 72 Stunden auf 24 Stunden herabgesetzt. Es lassen sich also schneller neue Charaktere auf den Testrealm (PTR) kopieren.

Seasons are currently disabled on the PTR, but it should not be long now until you can have a go at testing them :-)

When Seasons have been enabled on the PTR we will provide an update in the official PTR patch notes.

In order to address a bug allowing players to create Greater Rifts below level 70, PTR Leaderboard data will be wiped later this afternoon (June 26).

There will be a short interruption of service as we apply a hotfix to remove the ability to create less than level 70 Greater Rifts and clear out the Leaderboard data. This downtime should last no longer than 30 minutes. Please note that there may be an increase in game queues during this time.

Since these changes are being applied via a hotfix, players who attempt to open a Greater Rift in a game that is less than level 70 will not receive a validation error and may be disconnected from the game if they continue attempting to open such Rifts.

Thank you for participating in the PTR and for your patience and understanding as we work to resolve these issues.
Based on player feedback and the desire to provide a more optimal testing environment, we've reduced the cooldown for PTR character copies from 72 hours to 24 hours, effective immediately.

  • This means that if you copy over your characters to the PTR today, you will be able to copy them again after only 24 hours.

  • This also means that if you have a character copy cooldown active right now, it's time has been reduced to 24 hours and may have already expired as a result.

To find out how to copy characters over to the PTR, click here.

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