Weitere PTR Updates

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Es gab einen erneuten Patch auf dem PTR und die ersten Zahlen wurden wieder geändert. Wie wir an den Patchnotes erkennen können versucht Blizzard die Sets & Items zu Balancen.

  • Reduced the maximum number of stacks from 500 to 100

Frozen Orb

  • Create an orb of frozen death that shreds an area with ice bolts, dealing 393% 950% weapon damage as Cold

Lord Greenstone’s Fan

  • Every second, gain 160–200% 300-400% increased damage for your next Fan of Knives. Stacks up to 30 times.

Wrath of the Wastes

  • (4) Set
    • During Whirlwind and for 3 seconds after, you gain 50% damage reduction and your applied Rends deal triple damage.

Armor of Akkhan

  • (6) Set
    • While Akarat's Champion is active, you deal 600% 900% increased damage and take 15% 20% 50% less damage.

Thorns of the Invoker

  • (2) Set - Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius around you. Each time you hit an enemy with Punish, Slash, or block an attack your Thorns is increased by 35% 115% 70% for 2 seconds.
  • (6) Set - The attack speed of Punish and Slash are increased by 50% and deal 800% 1600% 2700% of your Thorns damage to the first enemy hit.

Natalya’s Vengeance

  • (6) Set
    • After casting Rain of Vengeance, deal 500% 750%2500% increased damage and take 60% reduced damage for 10 seconds.
  • Firebird’s Finery
    • (6) Set
      • Your damage is increased by 120% 200% 150% and damage taken reduced by 3% for each enemy that is Ignited. This effect can stack up to 20 times. You always receive the maximum bonus whenever a nearby Elite monster is Ignited.
  • Vyr’s Amazing Arcana
    • (6) Set
      • You also gain Archon stacks when you hit with an Archon ability. Archon stacks now also reduce damage taken by 0.15% and have their damage bonus increased to 18%.
  • Chantodo's Resolve
    • (2) Set
      • Every second while in Archon form you expel a Wave of Destruction, dealing 350% 600% weapon damage to enemies within 30 yards
      • Every time you hit with an attack while not in Archon form, 350% 600% weapon damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times

Quelle: Blizzard

Patch 2.6.1

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