Auto-Loot für Edelsteine und Crafting-Mats

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Ursprünglich war bereits für die Reaper of Souls Release-Version geplant, dass Edelsteine und Handwerks-Materialien (Crafting-Mats) automatisch gelotet werden. Es ist auch nach wie vor geplant, doch gibt es noch weitere Ideen die man umsetzen möchte.

So wäre es durchaus auch möglich dass Handwerks-Materialien in eine Währung umgeändert werden (wie Blutsplitter) und somit keinen Platz mehr im Inventar verbrauchen. Doch wurde auch klar gemacht dass es sich bisher nur um Ideen handelt und dass viele Änderungen gar nicht erst umgesetzt werden. Bestätigt wurde allerdings dass es keine Änderungen am „Crafting-Ressourcen-Management-System“ (alles klar?) mit Patch 2.1 geben wird.

This is a good suggestion, and it's actually been something that we've been exploring since just before Reaper of Souls launched.

On the whole, we agree with your feedback and are currently working on some different ways to help streamline the process of picking up, storing, and using crafting resources.

Let me preface what I’m about to say with the caveat that any changes we make to crafting material management at this point would come after Reaper of Souls ships. With that in mind, here’s a few ideas we’re tinkering with to help get you thinking about some of the cool possibilities:

  • All crafting materials would be moved to a currency-style storage in the UI. Think something similar to Blood Shards.
  • All crafting materials would become auto pickup, except for LEGENDARY crafting material. (Legendary crafting material would still be automatically stored as a currency, but players must click on it to pick it up.)
  • All crafters would pull crafting materials from this storage area for recipes.
  • Crafting materials that the player doesn’t currently own would appear in grey text with a 0 counter.
  • Players could mouse over the icons of all crafting material to get the full tooltip of the item. This includes greyed out ones.
  • Currently, we do not intend to store gems in this way because it would make socketing items feel clunky.

I should point out that we won't be making any adjustments to the crafting resource management system in patch 2.1. The ideas we have about possible changes to crafting material storage and currency are just that: ideas. They're still subject to heavy amounts of change and iteration, and are not something we've yet decided to implement.

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